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Client Services
Overview of Capabilities
TREO, The Real Estate Service Network, is a leading provider of nationwide real estate services. For over 25 years, TREO has consistently delivered outstanding results for its financial services clientele. Our specialty services encompass the full spectrum of real estate fulfillment. Our emphasis in on our vast experience and exceptional performance in managing and selling bank owned assets ("REO or ORE").
Our services include:
  • REO National Management and Sales
  • Property Valuations (BPOs/Appraisals)
  • Property Management
  • Pre-Foreclosure Support and Sales
  • Direct Real Estate Brokerage (CA)
  • Due-Diligence/Fraud Investigations
  • Value Audits Of REO and Non-Performing Asset Portfolios
  • Bulk Liquidation of REO To Public and Private Investors
  • Trustee-Receivership Liquidations
  • Commercial Asset Management and Disposition
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