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De'Ann Clark, CEO & President of TREO International, Inc.
To limit the description of De'Ann Clark to the positions of CEO and President of TREO International, Inc. (TREO) is too confining. As the head of TREO, she guided the company successfully through several economic boom-and-bust cycles over two decades. She positioned TREO as a credible player in the Default and Real Estate industries (performing Valuations, Loss Mitigation, Nationwide Asset & Property Management services, and Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investment Brokerage). However, this does not fully define her. Ms. Clark is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating several companies, and a Court-Appointed Receiver, who works hands-on to restructure the debt of defaulted commercial assets to maximize recovery. Because of her wide recognition as an Industry leader, she is a frequent speaker for default management conferences and summits.
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