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De'Ann Clark
CEO & President of TREO International, Inc.

To limit the description of De'Ann Clark to the positions of CEO and President of TREO International, Inc. (TREO) is too confining. As the head of TREO, she guided the company successfully through several economic boom-and-bust cycles over two decades. She positioned TREO as a credible player in the Default and Real Estate industries (performing Valuations, Loss Mitigation, Nationwide Asset & Property Management services, and Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investment Brokerage). However, this does not fully define her. Ms. Clark is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating several companies, and a Court-Appointed Receiver, who works hands-on to restructure the debt of defaulted commercial assets to maximize recovery. Because of her wide recognition as an Industry leader, she is a frequent speaker for default management conferences and summits."
Due to De'Ann Clark's experience, longevity, and proven track record, it is little wonder that Professional Woman's Magazine spotlighted her in their annual Best of the Best issue of 2011 as being the best woman-in- business in her industry. In addition, the U.S Congress gave TREO a Certification of Congressional Recognition in 2012 for its "positive economic impact, growth and leadership".
Under Ms. Clark's direction, TREO became one of the first real estate companies to provide nationwide REO outsource services to its clients in the early 90's. Ms. Clark created many of the uniform standards and procedures used in the Industry today and she continues to be a catalyst for improvements through her energetic leadership. TREO has worked with more than 72 financial institutions, liquidating more than $1 Billion in commercial and residential assets, plus non-profit facilities, with the help of its team of seasoned professionals.
Ms. Clark had the innovative foresight to certify TREO as a Women-Owned-Business in the mid-90's. This proved to be valuable, qualifying her and her company to work as a contractor for the RTC and in 2007, as a subcontractor for the FDIC, to valuate and liquidate over $7 Million worth of the defunct NetBank real estate assets.
De'Ann Clark created Ancora Property Management, a subsidiary of TREO International, after being challenged to locate a property management company that held to the same high standard she had set for TREO. In working as the head of Ancora, she has added a broader range of management services to her role of Court-Appointed Receiver and for the TREO clients. As a Court-Appointed Receiver, Ms. Clark manages loss mitigation efforts directly. On 20 major receivership engagements, she has brought strategic resolution for more than $350 million in assets.
Being an entrepreneur is not new to Ms. Clark; she previously owned and managed a successful real estate franchise in Southern California and a mortgage company in Arizona.
Ms. Clark has been an early and ongoing supporter of REOMAC (a non-profit trade group which is dedicated to sharing best practices and training in the Default Industry) and the SCMBA (Southern California Mortgage Broker's Association). She recently served on the board of REOMAC (2010/2011, 2011/2012) during which time she chaired the group's Committee for "Government Affairs" and the Committee for "Commercial Default". She has also served on the board of the SCMBA.
With the experience and credentials that set her apart in the default management arena, Ms. Clark has proven herself as a stalwart leader, known for her consistent service, with special attention to details and innovative ideas.
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